BodyCandy Body Jewelry Haul & Review!

BodyCandy Body Jewelry Haul & Review!







!Open for DETAILS & DESCRIPTIONS! BodyCandy Body Jewelry Review + Haul + Try On + Demo + Detailed Review!


Start to 3:12 Intro & Backstory
3:13-5:00 Shipping/Unboxing/Packaging
5:00-7:33 Handcrafted Industrials
7:33-8:53 Industrials
8:53-10:56 Belly Rings
10:56-12:24 Nipple Ring Sets
12:24-15:53 Cartilage Earring + Try On
15:53-19:43 Labret (snakebite studs) + Try On
19:53-22:07 Nose rings + Try On
22:07-23:43 Eyebrow Rings + Try On
23:43-25:26 Vertical Labret

Items Mentioned:

Bronze Titanium:

Opal Belly Rings:

Braided Nose Rings:

Cartilage Earrings:

Rose Gold Nipple Ring Set:

Stainless Steel Nipple Clicker Set:
14 Gauge 9/16" Stainless Steel Fancy Filigree Nipple Clicker Set

Bio Flex Purple Labret:
Bio-Flex 2mm Purple Gem Push-In Labret Monroe Tragus

Clear Vertical labret:
Acrylic Clear Gem Eyebrow Ring 3/8"

Black Ball & Cone Eyebrow:
16 Gauge 5/16" Black Sandblasted Steel Curved Eyebrow Ring 3mm Cone

Rainbow Nose Rings:

Anchor Industrial:
Drop Anchor for Summer Fun Dangle Coil Industrial Barbell

My Piercings + Gauges & Lengths

-Eyebrow: 16 Gauge 5/16
-Nose: 20 & 18 Gauge (5/16 Hoop)
-Snakebites: 16 Gauge 5/16
-Vertical Labret: 16 Gauge 3/8
-Helix Ear: 16 Gauge 5/16 BCR or Bar
-Industrial: 14 Gauge 35-36 mm
-1st Lobes: 22 gauge
-2nd Lobes: 16 Gauge (5/16 Horseshoe)
-Nipples: 14 Gauge 5/8
-Belly Button: 14 Gauge

Disclaimer: All these products were sent to me to review from the company. That in no way changes my opinion about the items or the quality!

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